Bob McCarron

Bob McCarron head shot
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Services Offered

Bob McCarron is a Registered Intensive Care Paramedic and Registered Nurse in the USA and in Australia and has undertaken training with many overseas local ambulance and rescue services including the Los Angeles Fire and Rescue, the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Ambulance services. Bob completes a minimum of 200 hours on-going medical education each year and undergoes full re-certification as a Paramedic each 2 years.

Registered Paramedic
Registered Nurse (RN)
Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Bachelor of Health Science (Registered Nurse)
PADI Rescue Diver
Diver Medical Technician
DAN Oxygen Instructor
Hyperbaric Chamber Technician
Helicopter Crewman
St Johns Senior First Aid Certificate
First Aid Instructor
Full First Aid Kit
Heart Monitor and Defibrillator
Major Burn Kit
Oxygen Resuscitation Kit
Rescue Stretchers
Sports Injury Kit