Stunt coordinator Spike Cherrie takes the fight to Underbelly: Razor

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Who Dares agency client Spike Cherrie has completed his long stint as stunt coordinator on Underbelly: Razor, and says he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Having worked on two of the previous Underbelly series - "Tale of Two Cities" and "The Golden Mile" - Spike says this one was special. "Not a lot of stunts but plenty of fights," he says. "It was special because of the period, the sets and locations, the costumes and characters."

He used a lot of stunt performers, however a good majority of the fights were done by the actors, this in itself brought on a whole new challenge because a lot of these actors didn't have any screen fighting experience.

Spike says he didn't give the actors too many concessions, in fact he treated them the same way he treats performers. He wanted them to toughen up a bit so he wasn't putting mats down and when they needed to hit the ground, that's exactly what they'd do. Even the girls who had to work topless had no concessions made for them. They needed to know there would be multiple takes and Spike prepared them for that. To their credit, they got in and got the job done, and Spike admired their tenacity and dedication. "They were both very brave," he says.

Spike is also very proud of the stunt performers who work for him. Although it's not fair to single out any one performer, Ryan Tarran made quite an impression, not only with the producers, but with the make-up ladies, who all seemed to find a reason to rub baby oil on his chest in between takes of the boxing session. Spike had to chase them away.

Guy Spence was the actor who did the boxing match as Ryan's opponent. A kick boxing mate of Spike's gave them both a bit of a tune up. And while on the subject of help, Spike had a great deal of help with the bigger fights from Ray Anthony, another Who Dares agency client. Ray's input into the cheography was greatly beneficial and he looked after all the performers (actors & stunt performers).

Spike says he also had great support from the Who Dares office, and in particular from Molly, who tirelessly and cheerfully made her way through all the script and scheduling changes, as well as booking the stunt performers for wardrobe fittings, rehearsals and shoot dates.

"Thank you Molly and thank you Who Dares," says Spike.