Stunt Professionals

Who Dares represents over 60 of Australia's leading stunt professionals, including stunt coordinators, fight coordinators, precision drivers and stunt performers. Read more

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Safety Experts

Who Dares represents over 30 leading safety experts including safety supervisors, rigging specialists, OH&S specialists, chopper safety specialists, safety divers, nurses and paramedics. Read more

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Stunt and Safety News

Burning Man turns to Who Dares for stunt crew

Stunt professionals represented by Who Dares have made up the bulk of the stunt crew on the new Archer Street Productions feature film Burning Man.

Long-time Who Dares agency client Harry Dakanalis was the stunt coordinator on Burning Man, and the Who Dares Stunt & Safety Booking...

Traffic control

For info on Who Dares traffic and security services go to